Mandarin Stars Europe B.V. is the official and licensed Netherlands and European provider of the Mandarin Stars program, Australia’s original and leading immersion-based Mandarin education service for children. The Mandarin Stars program is highly recognized by leading linguistic educators and delivers proven results, having already enrolled over 5000 Australian children since inception in May 2008. Most importantly - it is a program simply loved by children! 


Qualified Teachers

Our teachers have a genuine passion and love for teaching the Mandarin Chinese language and culture to children. We provide rigorous formal training with our Mandarin Stars Teacher Training Program. We also consult with leading education consultants (some of whom are globally renowned) to ensure that our programs meet the high standards that any parent would want for their child’s education.


Up-to-Date Programs

Our programs deliver proven results and are professionally researched on an ongoing basis. Lesson plans and class materials are updated regularly to reflect what is relevant and of interest to our students. We regularly consult with education experts to deliver a world leading Mandarin Chinese program and employ best practice teaching strategies across all areas of our program. Academics from the University of Sydney, Australian National University and Melbourne University have observed and consulted on the Mandarin Stars program over the years. 


Mandarin Stars Community

We welcome children from all ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds. The Mandarin Stars program has classes for both native and non-native Chinese speakers. Whether your child is from a monolingual speaking family, a bilingual/trilingual household or a Mandarin speaking family, our innovative program will engage and delight your child. 


From the Creator of Mandarin Stars

“My own research showed me that the success of my children’s ability to learn Mandarin would depend on their desire to learn, so the Mandarin Stars program we offer is of pure enjoyment to the children. Our approach is not academic or intensive. Instead, we offer activities that build vocabulary and conversational skills in Mandarin in a fun, interactive, learning environment. Our program has been developed so that your child will enjoy learning and playing in Mandarin and as a result, be inspired to continuing learning Mandarin in the future.”


- Dawna Leung, Founder & Director of Mandarin Stars Australia

Our Philosophy

At Mandarin Stars, we believe the successful acquisition of any new language is dependent on the amount of passion and desire the student has to learn that language in the long term. Mandarin Stars’ programs are child-centric, so we always observe, discuss, explore and develop the interests of our students in planning and delivery.


Our programs are delivered through themes and topics of central interest to our students, in a modern immersion-based Mandarin Chinese language setting that is relevant to the world around them. We also believe that by inspiring our students to learn Mandarin through an interactive, fun and engaging program, we can foster a lifelong love for learning Mandarin Chinese, Chinese culture, about the world around us and other foreign languages too.