Ni hao! Welcome to Mandarin Stars, the Netherlands' best early Mandarin Chinese education program for kids 1 to 12. Stimulate cognitive development and give your child a head start learning an essential language for the modern world. Our interactive and encouraging teaching methods inspire a lifelong love of the Mandarin Chinese language and lay the foundations for future fluency.


Learning Mandarin is a lot of fun.

Not only has research shown that specifically learning Mandarin Chinese provides kids unique academic and cognitive advantages, kids will love the unique sounds, interesting characters and learning about the rich culture of China. 

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. 

As the official language of China, it is effectively communicated by nearly 900 million people. 

Provide your kids future access to a disproportionate share of business world opportunities.

By the time kids born today leave school, China is set to be the world's largest economy. Parents worldwide realize that opening the door to China for their children will give them future advantages.

Young children are naturally receptive to new languages.

Starting to learn Mandarin as early as possible takes advantage of this natural inclination to pick up languages effortlessly, which without proper stimulation, begins to fade by the age of 6. 

Bilingual and multilingual children exercise their thinking brains early and often. 

Compared to monolinguals, bilingual and multilingual children develop greater attention focus, distraction resistance, decision-making judgment and responsiveness to feedback.

Give your child a world perspective, allowing for better understanding of other cultures as well as their own.

Learning a different language enhances a child's cultural sensitivity leading to more effective communication across cultures and a higher tolerance for differences.